5 Best Urdu Fonts For Youtube  Thumbnails

hello dear readers welcome to our site today I am sharing 5 best Urdu fonts for making Urdu thumbnails ,Urdu posters and Urdu designs also you can use this font in every kind of Urdu designs these are 5 best Urdu fonts if you are making YouTube video thumbnails in Urdu language this will be helpful for you to because their design is unique and they all are free fonts so you can use without any tension here I will give the full detailed review of these 5 fonts also I will give the download link of this  So you can easily download and use Urdu fonts in your thumbnails and posts and designs

Features Of Urdu Fonts:

As I mentioned in the previous lines if you are creating thumbnail in Urdu language so these fonts will be helpful for you because they are unique and best phones of Urdu language and you can use freely in your designs post and thumbnails they will give a unique and modern look to your thumbnail if you will give a try and use them in your thumbnails
Here is the list of these 5 Thumbnails

  • Jameel Noori Nastaleeq
  • Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Kasheeda
  • Nafees Nastaleeq
  • Noto Naksh
  • Pak Nastaleeq
These are the best 5 Best  can Urdu Fonts you can create a better thumbnail by using these fonts in your thumbnail

1.Jameel Noori Nastaleeq

Jameel Noori nastaleeq is one of the best Urdu font that is used in Urdu thumbnails and this is my favourite font and this font is too much old and many of the youtubers use is found to make their YouTube video thumbnails all so much more graphic designer and Urdu post makers are using this font in their post to write Urdu with unique design and lovely readable so you can use this Jameel Noori nastaleeq font in your Urdu thumbnails to make your thumbnails professional

2.Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Kasheeda

Jameel Noori nastaleeq kasheeda font is font-family off Jameel Noori nastaleeq original font and this is the ultra unique version of jamai loan in the cell phone and also this phone is awesome and lovely design you can use this font in Urdu thumbnails if you want to write Urdu on thumbnails with nastaliq design

3.Nafees Nastaleeq

nafees nastaleeq is too much good font for Urdu thumbnails if you are making YouTube channel thumbnails so you can use nafees nursery font in your thumbnail to give up premium look to your thumbnail this is one of the best Urdu font like Jameel Noori nastaleeq font and this design is same with Jameel Noori nastaleeq font you can use Jameel Noori nastaleeq and fees slip phone anju are thumbnail

4.Noto Nastaleeq

Noto nastaleeq is full professional Urdu font and it is used in the category of bold font noto nastaleeq font comes with a bolt design  you can use is font as a heading if you want to focus on some keyword so you can use not owners lake font

5.Pak Nastaleeq

The last fault in our list is Pak nastaleeq found this is one of the best Urdu font you can use on your YouTube video thumbnails also you can use his phone if you want to write Urdu clearly on any thing so you can use this Urdu nastaleeq font and you can get great result after using this font on any thumbnail and design or any post this will be helpful for you if you are creating Urdu thumbnails for YouTube videos

Download Urdu Fonts:

so if you want to use Urdu fonts in your mobile phone are in your thumbnails so you can download all of above fonts from one just click on download button and wait 15 seconds after this you are download will be automatically downloaded in your mobile phone just extract zip file and copy the fonts and enjoy

Urdu Fonts
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